As of 2021, I have moved down to TRNC Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 

Please check APRS for TA1HZ-1 for the exact location of the station. Unfortunately “1B/TA1HZ-1” is not suitable to fit into Kenwood TMD-700 used as the APRS rig. Planning is done to improve the system to I-Gate in the near future.  

( Many thanks to #1 Ham Shop in TURKIYE for the antenna & power supply used now) 

Working conditions : Yaesu FT-991 rig – CG3000 AutoTuner – 5m of “long” wire attached to the 6m Wimo “stealth” Mast, “obliquely” polarised on the balcony.

As 1B prefix and TRNC not counted as a separate DXCC by ITU, no LoTW. (sorry)

116 DXCC worked – 80 confirmed in eqsl.cc / 4300+ Qsos in the log….


1. Daily upload to Eqsl.cc, Clublog and qrz.com

2. No GS needed for QSL card!! SAE will be appreciated but it is not a must. Just send your qsl card to my TRNC address above.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO VIA TA BUREAU!!!! The cards WILL NOT reach me!!

Because of the political dispute with the Greek side, amateur activity on the Turkish side of the island is limited. You can call it a de facto State, but TRNC is there. There is a democratically chosen parliament, a running government, and trade running.

If you have worked Z6 or S0, you have worked a station from an entity whom some guys do not recognize. (Ask CN or YU guys). If you have worked a 4X station from HaGolan, you have worked a station under similar UN Resolutions; the main difference being that there is a local government, run by local people here. So let the politicians do their job, but as a ham, be on the air!!

I will be at Iskele and have recieved the necessary permit from the Turkish Cypriot Telecommunications Authority BTHK to be on the air as 1B/TA1HZ.