Choosing a Target Entity for DXpedition

If you are going to organise a dxpedition to anywhere, you need to have a good sense of planning. It takes usually at least 6 to 9 months of planning, e-mails, reservations, cancellations, rescheduling before a DXpedition is active.

Most Wanted List at is a great reference point for getting an idea about the DXCC entity you are about to plan the dxpedition. There are 340 listed entities, the first 100 are quite hard ones to get to, and the last 50 (290-340) are easy touristic destinations.

The first thing that should be checked is the local regulations and availability of the licence. As in P5 North Korea or EZ Turkmenistan, if you will not be able get a licence so they are automatically out of the list. C3 Andorra,T7 San Marino similarly, do not issue licence to any foreign radio amateur. In HZ Saudi Arabia, 5N Nigeria, A4 Oman, 9V Singapore, you have to be a resident in order to get permission. These are automatically off-limit zones.

Second, you have to read about the security situation on ground. is a good site to start reading about any geographical location. Countries like YK Syria, 7O Yemen, 5A Libya, YA Afghanistan are almost war zones and they pose great threats to any foreigners.

Third comes the availability of transport. Only three of the entities in the Top 25 of the Most Wanted DXCC list are located mainland. All others are islands, usually with no airfields or regular shipping service. You have to arrange your trip in a sensible and price-concious way. I use for this purpose.   Also, is also a valuable source for hotel arrangements.