Personal goals

Why does someone plan, re-plan, pack-up 30+ kg of luggage, go through a long road of bureacracy, spend hours and hours on the road, on board of a ship or plane to reach a far destination usually with very little or no means of modern day comfort? This question can be asked to almost all Dxpeditioners, with the few exceptions who spend their time in 8Q Maldives or J6 St Lucia.

For me, there are a few answers to this question:

  1. Having FUN! Working from a different  place is quite fun!
  2. Being on the other end of a pile-up: Working in a pile-up is one of the hardest, rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the hobby. When you work a ATNO after a tough breakthrough in the pile-up, the pleasure is priceless. You work from a DXpedition and you have the chance to be that ATNO for many. It is the podium where you can show your skills to many. It is a demanding but rewarding job!
  3. DXCC Award: As of April 2022, I have DXCC Award from seven different entities; TA1HZ as my homecall, ZA1TC, T5TC, T88HZ, Z68HZ, ZD8HZ, and finally 9H/TA1HZ. If you are living in a country which is listed in the 250s or 300s of the Most Wanted list, you have to work quite a long time and spend many weeks or even months in order to reach the DXCC Award. However, if you are the rare DX, you can reach your Award in a few days just by working whoever is answering your CQ.
  4. Getting your callsign recorded in the Records section of major contests: While checking the records section of major contests, you might notice that many rare DX entities have no record holders. The reason behind this is mainly because of the non-existence of local amateurs and many dxpeditioners not willing to take part in contests during their short time on ground. I, on the other hand, just do the opposite; arrange the timeline of my dxpedition so that it will coincide with one of the main contests and try to participate in a category where I will have my callsign on the Records list. It might be even with a handful of QSOs but your callsign will be posted on the web until someone will bother to travel that rare one on contest period.