V51/TA1HZ Story

1st Activity performed 22-29 March 2017 CQ WPX SSB Contest 

2nd Activity performed 27-30 October 2017 for CQ WW SSB Contest

Again for 2017 CQ WPX SSB Contest, I was out and running laugh

As of 22 March, I was on the air as V51/TA1HZ, operating from Swakopmund Beach Hotel with a Yaesu FT-991 running 100w to a windom antenna. So please no “turn your beam”!!!! Have now 51 confirmed / 65 worked DXCC in the pocket at the end of WPX.

With the same setup I tried my chance @CQ WW SSB 2017 contest as SO-10m Assisted Low Power. If I have not miscopied any callsigns, I contacted 105 entities and now have 82 confirmed for my DXCC on LoTW.