ZA1TC Story

ZA1TC was once more on the air between 1 August and 7 August, 2012.

Tevfik, TA1HZ, was visiting Durres again, this time for the European HF Championship. 500+ contacts during this contest for EU stations, ZA1TC was also on the air for all stations outside the contest period.

Altogether 3700 contacts logged. Nice to hear you on the air !

Friedrichshafen HAMRADIO 2012

For the second time TA1HZ traveled to Albania, this time for CQ WPX SSB Contest of 2012. ZA1TC was issued for use. Tevfik arrived in Durres, Albania on Friday.

23 March and thanks to ZA1FD Fatos’s efforts and help ,participated in CQ WPX SSB Contest during the weekend.The station was closed on 26 March 2012 with 1153 QSOs down the log.

Station set-up: Kenwood TS570D rig, Windom FD-4 Antenna, Gipiderbeam mast by GITRAD

The first TC activity by TCSWAT outside Turkiye was complete as for the WAE DX SSB Contest of 2011, TA1HZ Tevfik traveled to Durres, Albania to be on the air as ZA1TC. With the special help of ZA1FD Fatos Demeti and Esmeralda Dervishi from AKEP, ZA1TC special callsign was assigned to TA1HZ between 7 and 14 September 2011. He arrived in Durres on the 7th, setting up the station which consisted of a Kenwood TS570D, FD-4 Windom antenna + 80m dipole.


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