ZD8HZ Story

I worked on an assignment on Ascension Island for the first 3 months of 2021. Used a Yaesu FT991 HF rig running 100w to a Windom wire antenna (80m-10m).
As I was working on a project, my on-the-air time was on my free time.

There was NO F/H mode on FT8 activity. Sorry but I don’t like the way it works; so no need to spot as “please F/H”.!!!! The old classic FT8 qso, but it helps you if you start out with the report.

Also as I had no beam so I could not rotate towards your direction. My windom was about 8m AGL in an inverted V shape. That was the only way I could set it up at the place I stayed.

DXCC Mixed & Digital  : 140 Worked / 130 Confirmed 

WAS : Mixed 50 States


SO-AB for REF SSB contest.
SO-20m for ARRL DX SSB contest.
SO-20m & SO-15m for Russian DX contest.
SO-15m for CQ WPX SSB contest.


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