1923 is the Founding of Republic of TURKIYE and in 2023, we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary.

Many thanks to the TARC for letting me use the special callsign 5H100TC.

The history of modern Turkiye begins with the foundation of the republic on 29 October 1923, with Mustafa Kemal ATATURK as its first president. The Ottoman rule was dissolved and a new government was formed by the great revolutionary Mustafa Kemal and his colleagues.

Activity is finished with 4500+ QSOs from 125 DXCC entities, 108 LoTW confirmed.

TA Amateurs are on the air with the special callsign TC100TC; however, as I am located in Tanzania, I do not have a chance to participate. With the help of 5H3TSA Ricco, I applied to TARC and recieved the necessary licence to operate as 5H100TC.